True Tales of Rescue

A photo-packed middle grade series about the stories and science behind animal sanctuaries around the world.

Meet threatened wildlife and other vulnerable animals… and the humane humans who offer them hope and haven as they move through the “sanctuary steps” of rescue, recovery, rehabilitation, and release.

…excellent opportunities to engage students in learning about caring for creatures and the environment.
—School Library Journal


The combination of captivating photos and the humorous narration make the material very approachable and entertaining, even as it informs.
—School Library Journal

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Panzer the orphaned wombat arrives at Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary in Australia injured, scared, and confused. Fortunately, longtime resident Chance has heaps of valuable information to share with the tiny joey. He’s ready to show Panzer the ropes—and the burrows. Chance has an important job—to teach his new buddy the wombat way. Because if Panzer can learn it, she can live like a wild animal should. But first, she’ll have to move through the “sanctuary steps” of rescue, recover, rehabilitation, and release.

Grunt, snuffle, chomp! This book got me all sparked up for my own release into the Australian bush!
Lola the Wombat


A love poem to senior dogs and the animal sanctuaries that care for them.
—School Library Journal

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Have you ever seen a sugarface? That’s a sweet old dog whose muzzle has gone white, as if she’s dipped her face in a bag of sugar! This book tells the stories of the blind, deaf, and wobbly sugarfaces of the Senior Dog Sanctuary in Maryland. They’re here to prove that the ability to love never grows old… and that it’s never too late to find happiness.

Having my biography in print has always been on my bucket list. That, and finding a forever home. And lucky me… I got both wishes!
Mino the 15-year-old blind Pomeranian


Anteater Adventure

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“I love this book as much as I love smelling hibiscus high in the rainforest canopy. And I deeply appreciate the fact that the author made MOI the narrator. This big mammal really gives us our respect. Five long, sharp claws up!”
—Abi the Rescued Tamandua

Raccoon Rescue

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“A long-overdue explanation of our unfortunate situation…read it and you’ll see that we’re a lot more than “trash pandas” or nuisances in and around humans’ homes!”
—Mr. Green, Released Raccoon


Tiger Time

Kamal the tiger lives at the Wild Animal Sanctuary on the high plains of Colorado. Shadowed by the Rocky Mountains, this peaceful place is home to 500 big cats and bears rescued from cruel roadside zoos and circuses.

Stretch out with this 600-pound feline as he shares more than you ever thought you’d learn about this endangered species. Follow their amazing journeys from rescue to recovery to rehabilitation to release onto giant pieces of wilderness…where all big cats belong.

“Endangered animals like me have it rough, but some humans—like the folks at the Wild Animal Sanctuary—are doing right by us. This book is a behind-the-scenes look at their unique response to the captive animal crisis. Me and my fellow big cats give it five loud roars!”
—Kamal the Tiger

Go, Goats!

Lucia is the oldest goat at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. She’s one of hundreds of rescued farm animals living out her days in this peaceful corner of upstate New York. And she’s got a hay pile of goat-y wisdom to share with human visitors.

The wise old nanny goat is also buddies with “The Lucky 27”—the single largest group of goats the sanctuary team has ever rescued. And she’s eager to share the herd’s story of rescue, recovery, rehabilitation, and release into open pastures.

“Clomp along with us curious, clever, free-roaming creatures as we graze, nibble, hop, climb, and make mischief. We’ll nuzzle our way into your hearts…and leave our hoofprints all over your soul!”
—Violet the Goat