There’s an App for This!

a fork, knife, and iPhone

I’m afraid my attachment to my iPhone has become unhealthy. Michael has taken to calling it my “Binky” (after the pacifier brand of the 70’s). It’s a pretty accurate take on the situation.

But since I’ve already drank the Kool-Aid, I may as well use the thing for the greater good, right? Here are four apps relevant to the issues in this blog:

Seafood Watch

Overfishing is destroying the ocean ecosystem. Monterey Bay Aquarium lists sustainable choices specific to your region, so you can make the best decisions at stores and restaurants (bad news for lovers of Chilean Sea Bass). For Luddites, there’s a printable pocket-size version on the Monterey Bay Aquarium site.


Tells you what local fruit, vegetables, fish, and shellfish are in season in your area at the moment, finds the nearest farmers’ markets, and links to Epicurious recipes.

Farm Fresh NYC

A Big Apple-centric version of the above, with harvest times automatically updated. It gives you information and maps for the 50 farmers’ markets in the city.


Hundreds of short videos document The Humane Society’s mission toward a better world for animals.