A wombat is a cross between a bulldozer and a tank. There’s even a group of young wombats here named for WW2 tanks: Sherman, Panzer, Lincoln, Abraham, Barron, and Cruiser.

Wombats use their heads like battering rams and their butts like lethal weapons, crushing the skulls of their predators against the wall of their burrows (that would be called a “bum buck”). You don’t want to mess with a fully-grown wild wombat. They’re all muscle, sturdy and squat. They’re also faster than they look. They don’t suffer fools gladly.

Silo the wombat

Nor does Donna, the founder of Sleepy Burrows. She is also super-sturdy (though much more shapely than a wombat). Good thing, because there’s a dark underbelly of caring for these furry little tanks. She regularly witnesses profoundly horrible treatment of these creatures and steps in to make things right.

She’s made of steel, but has a heart of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

Donna holding wombat

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