Studies I’d Like to Commission

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I’m certainly no scientist, but that’s never stopped me from developing theories. Here are two I’ve been thinking of. Some may call them cacamamie, but I’ve heard crazier things:

  1. The antibiotics and hormones fed to factory farm animals to make them bigger and fatter faster must have some similar effect on the humans who eat meat and animal products from factory farms. (Since giving up such meat and reducing my consumption of dairy and eggs, I’ve lost weight without changing anything else in my diet.)
  2. The rate of depression and anxiety in humans has risen since the advent of factory farming (depression rates have actually doubled every 20 years). We already know that stress at slaughter effects the texture and taste of the meat. I’d take it a step further: I suspect that pain and fear reside in animals’ bodies (ours included) on a cellular level, and that when we ingest the flesh of a tortured animal, it becomes our own.

2 thoughts on “Studies I’d Like to Commission

  1. What if soon to be slaughtered animals were given some kind of anti-anxiety sedative? We could have xanax burgers!

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