Humane Haven

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It’s really nice to go to a restaurant where I can forget about the issues at the heart of this blog. Luckily, there’s a great local vegan place at whose door we can leave our cares. The V Spot is a lovably scruffy little place on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We’ve been going at least once a week, trying to sample everything on the menu because everything’s been really good.

We always start with the yummy summer rolls — large rice-paper rolls of avocado, carrot, cucumber and mesclun greens, topped with sesame seeds. They come with an amazing Thai peanut sauce dip (which I tried and failed to replicate at home).

Our favorite entrees so far:

  • The quinoa veggie wrap, which has a lovely ginger vinaigrette
  • The veggie burgers (made of lentils, black beans, veggies, and some secret seasonings)
  • Kale in a coconut curry sauce with gingered quinoa (it’s our grain du jour)
  • Tofu scramble baked with sauteed tomato, broccoli, bell peppers, and nutritional yeast (I hate tofu, yet I like this dish)

Besides The V Spot, there’s also the excellent Dao Palate on Flatbush near 7th Avenue. I wish there were more places like these two nearby. If such restaurants can’t thrive in Park Slope, then where?

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  1. You might also like Snice on 5th Ave near 3rd St as well. I actually like their vegan stuff better than the V Spot although I’ll eat at the V Spot too (although I know vegans who think it gives vegan food a bad name). I like some of their dishes.

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