Happy Mother’s Day

My mom with one of her Samoyeds.

My mom with one of her Samoyeds.

My mom was a true animal lover. Over the course of 25 years, she mothered five big, white, puffy Samoyeds (not at the same time!), most of them rescues. So this year I’m planning to buy some gifts in her memory, through some of my favorite organizations.

Best Friends Animal Society’s mother’s day appeal is about supporting the human “moms” who take care of helpless animals, the animals who are determined to care for their litters under difficult conditions, and, of course, all the animals who need loving homes and TLC. You can make a donation in your mother’s honor: $25 fixes an animal to prevent unwanted litters, $50 will microchip five cats with permanent ID to help them find their families if lost, $100 helps a homeless animal get from a shelter to a forever home.

Meanwhile, Farm Sanctuary helps you honor the love between animal moms and their offspring by sponsoring one of the rescued animals at their sanctuaries. Most factory farm animals are separated from their moms shortly after birth and never get to experience a life-long bond. The Farm Sanctuary’s animals, who of whom were rescued from industrial farms, depend on adoptive “parents” to provide them with everything they need. (When you sponsor an animal, you get a personalized adoption certificate and color photo to present to your mother.)

The Humane Society and the ASPCA are also offering special gifts for Mother’s Day; all purchases support these organizations’ efforts to save animals and improve their lives.

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  1. You mom (my Aunt Karen) was one of the most genuine and sweetest people on the planet. I loved her so much and miss her still. Thanks for posting the picture, and for donating to a cause she would have loved.

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