Handsome, Lying Pirates

pirate flag

Here’s a fun thought experiment: Imagine you live on the planet Dearth. You make food wedges called “Healthies” and sell them locally. They’re not just delicious, but they’re better for people and better for Dearth. Healthies become popular in your community and your business grows. Eventually, people from far away start hearing about Healthies.

There is a wide ocean on Dearth. You have two options for how to deliver Healthies across the great big sea to the people who want them.

Choice A is a small yet seaworthy boat that moves slowly and can’t carry much of a load. Its sailors are honest, hardworking people who feel it’s important and honorable to deliver good food. It’s pretty expensive to use their services, though, and you have to load all the boxes yourself.

Choice B is a giant, fast boat sailed by friendly handsome pirates. Their boat can carry huge amounts of food at little cost to you and to the people who want it. They’ll even put your Healthies in pretty packages and tell everyone on Dearth about them. The problem is, they stop at every island along the way to rape and pillage, as pirates do. Also, they’ll only transport your food wedges if they can run your business their way (but the wedges will still be called Healthies, and no one needs to know that pirates transport and distribute them). Also, the pirates are likely to sink every other boat they see. Also, they lie and cheat.

Which boat would you choose?

Back on planet Earth, here’s a chart that shows the corporate relationships that make up Big Organic.

3 thoughts on “Handsome, Lying Pirates

  1. Thank you, Kama. As always, you remind me that though I consistently choose friendly, handsome, raping pirates, I really should give my choices more thought. And I will.

  2. Good question, Kam. I find this type of issue pops up so many times in life. I choose to use the smaller vessel, and conduct my life as my conscience dictates. I must admit, though, I often feel angry and, yes, maybe even a bit jealous of those who use the handsome pirates, and inevitabley become more prosperous. Wouldn’t it be easier to just close my eyes and go the easier route? But I’ll stick to my values, thank you, and continue to load my own boxes.

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