Freedom Food

British flag

Here’s another thing the Brits are doing well. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) acts as a third-party certifer of meat and other animal products, guaranteeing that high standards of animal welfare have been adhered to.

Freedom Food logo

Meat, eggs, milk, and cheese with the RSPCA’s “Freedom Food” label are widely available across the U.K., and the label is well-recognized by consumers (unlike the equivalent U.S. labels). Like the ASPCA, the RSPCA isn’t government funded, but Britain’s farm policies and overall retail climate are obviously more conducive to getting good food to the consumer. This is, of course, of more consequence than our conservative government’s campaign in 2003 to rename “French fries” as “Freedom fries”. Big sigh.

Anyway, sales of Freedom Food are up, proving that when consumers actually have a choice, they often make the right one.