Digging for Gold

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Michael’s been researching where and how to find third-party-certified meat. It seems like he’s been mining for gold in a once-rich mine. This metaphorical mine has been stripped bare by a large corporation that has screwed up the environment and the economy for the natives, leaving behind nothing of value. But, God love him, the man’s found a few nuggets. Here’s what he has to say:

I focused on a single, practical question — Where can we buy third-party meat or animal products? — and I limited my research to third-party certified beef, chicken, pork, dairy, and eggs available in Manhattan or preferably Brooklyn (I ignored online stores 1).

Sad to say, after about twelve hours of borderline obsessive-compulsive work, I now know where to buy a total of three certified products. That’s it. Three. And I was thrilled when I found the third.

And the winners are…

Murray’s chicken

Murray’s is available just about everywhere in New York, but we’ve been getting it at the Park Slope Food Coop. It’s yummy. We buy breasts for ourselves and thighs for our cats (Kama uses the thighs for one of her homemade cat food recipes. We’re insane).

Pete & Gerry’s organic eggs

I’m still pissed about this. These are excellent eggs, far better than any I’ve ever bought in a supermarket, and they’re available throughout New York… only not at our crunchy co-op. So I’ve been going to Keyfoods, a hateful place, and spending $7.00 a dozen.

Vermont Smoke and Cure Uncured Bacon

I just found this one yesterday, so we haven’t actually brought home the bacon yet. It’s available at Murray’s Cheese in the West Village, which is within walking distance of our therapist. We only see our therapist once a month, so if it turns out that we truly love this bacon, we may have to create more problems in our relationship.

Update May 10, 2010: I found a far better source for Pete & Gerry’s organic eggs. The Associated Market at Union and 5th has them for $4/dozen. I now thumb my nose at Keyfoods when I pass.


  1. Yes, Virginia, you can buy certified beef online; they ship it to you frozen, in vacuum-sealed bags packed in dry ice.

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  1. Michael – please keep digging! I bet the people at Brooklyn Larder would be a helpful source.

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