Common Sense

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Here’s another in a series of thought-provoking quotes, plus my two cents.

The industrial system simply asks far too much of our farm animals. It gives them nothing, or perhaps worse than nothing, in return for taking their lives. This needs to change. Animals raised for our food should be provided a life that is worth living. We owe them at least that. And it doesn’t take a team of agribusiness animal scientists to tell us what that looks like. It’s a matter of common sense. We know it in our guts and in our hearts.
–Nicolette Hahn Niman, Righteous Porkchop

I just finished this book and am still marveling at Hahn Niman’s wise telling of her story. She’s an environmental attorney, animal rights activist, and wife of Bill Niman of the legendary Niman Ranch of California (which he is no longer affiliated with; that’s another very interesting story). She’s a vegetarian, Bill Niman is a carnivore, and together they run their own ranch in Bolinas based on humane, sustainable practices. Talk about living on common ground…

One thought on “Common Sense

  1. Nicolette Niman is not an animal rights activist. Anyone who advocates for the killing of animals can’t in any way be considered an animal rights activist. It just doesn’t make sense. It would be like calling a pimp a human rights activist.

    She’s one of the biggest apologists for meat consumption in America, and you can’t eat meat and advocate for an animal’s rights. The right to life is fundamental, and if we take that away what is left?

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