War and Peace

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Here’s the first entry in the Well Said series:

Food will win the war and write the peace.
–USDA slogan during WW2

At the time, Roosevelt was encouraging American farmers to help the British with their food supply. It was patriotic for farmers to produce as much chicken as possible–and with that, industrial chicken farming was born. Now, in 2010, this quote means something totally different to me: food is political. A population nourished by wholesome food–food that was ethically produced and honestly marketed—will be happier and healthier. Such food will help “win the war” on malnourishment, heart disease, and diabetes. Such food will help “write the peace” by healing the environment, by allowing farmers to be farmers (and make a living doing so), and by granting millions of cows, goats, pigs, chickens, and turkeys the peace of natural lives.